Wilmington NC Foreclosures

Wilmington NC Foreclosures and Wilmington NC Short Sales are becoming more and more available as the economy continues to change. Although the Cape Fear area was just listed as number 6 in National Home Values, the number of Wilmington NC foreclosures has climbed a little higher.

New data shows the numbers of foreclosures in Wilmington has increased with the troubled economy. At the end of October, 421 homes were under foreclosure in just the Wilmington City limits. A recent study estimates that 2% of all the homes in the city are 3 months behind in their mortgage payment.

According to the National Association of REALTORS, more than 30% of all sales in the past few months have been foreclosed, short sales or distressed situations. And the same is holding pretty similar for Wilmington foreclosures and Wilmington Short Sales.

What does this mean? It means now is the time to buy! What a great opportunity to get a house at a great price. Whether you're looking for a primary residence, an investment property or an opportunity to buy and fix up a home, there has never been a better market to purchase a foreclosure in Wilmington NC. If you're interested in purchasing Wilmington NC Foreclosures or Wilmington NC Short Sales, don't hesitate to Contact Us today!

By Paul Coffman

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