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There are a lot of Wilmington NC Mortgage companies to choose from and we are here to help. We've spent years establishing good working relationships with various Wilmington Mortgage Lenders in the area, and would like to spotlight our favorites from time to time.

One of our favorite Wilmington NC Mortgage Lenders is Troy Williamson at TowneBank Mortgage. Troy has been providing excellent mortgage and home lending services since 2005. After graduating from UNCW in 1999 with a degree in Business Management and a minor in English studies, Troy devoted himself to the growth of a new business founded on customer service. Through creative marketing ideas in the community and implementing an extremely personal approach to customers, business flourished and the sales volume grew annually. On the verge of the most successful year ever, Troy left retail management in 2005 to pursue a new career in mortgage lending. During the last several years, he has been very successful in utilizing his past contacts as well as developing many new relationships.

"It seems to me that in recent years, the emphasis on customer service has fallen to the wayside in our business. I always tell my clients that I remember what it felt like to sit on the other side of the desk in a lender’s office. I remember the feelings of worry and concern that tend to grow if you are not in frequent contact with your lender. Buying a house should be an exciting experience with little to no stress. I want my clients to enjoy the whole experience and concentrate on the more important things like . . . where do I put the furniture? I enjoy being a mortgage lender because of the opportunities to work with great people, to build new relationships, and to help people achieve their dreams of owning their own home!"

Here is what a few of Troys clients had to say about their experience.

"My wife and I built our home in December of 2007. As first time home buyers, we had plenty of questions regarding what we could and could not afford. We were lucky enough to have Troy Williamson recommended to us. Troy went out of his way to make sure that no question went unanswered. He was always willing to meet with us and go over the numerous options, and we always felt confident knowing that he was truly looking out for what was best for our situation. Since then we have been sure to recommend Troy to anyone buying a home. We even used him again when we refinanced, and we will be sure to use him again when we buy our next home."

-Chris and Megan, Leland, NC


"Troy delivers!  This was by far my best customer service experience obtaining a loan. Communication is key to any business deal. Troy answered all of my questions and concerns.  As an experienced mortgage banker, when issues came up he addressed them promptly keeping on top of all parties involved. Most importantly, he was accessible at every step of the process providing regular updates. I highly recommend him and would gladly refer family and friends in the future!  Troy is my lender!"

-Adrian, Wilson, NC


"I cannot speak highly  enough  about our experience working with Troy.  He made the adventure of purchasing  of our first home incredibly smooth and seamless. As first-time home buyers, the entire loan process was completely foreign to us, but Troy made it an extraordinary learning experience, taking the time to thoroughly explain each step and maintaining the patience to answer our endless questions. He is prompt, efficient, reliable, and honest. He is truly the best in his profession, and we were so pleased to have him be part of one of the biggest decisions of our lives. We are eternally grateful!"

-Meaghan and Rob, Wilmington, NC


You can read many more of these mortgage testimonials about Troy's excellent service.  It's easy to contact Troy, he has his own website www.troyismylender.com, you may email him at Troy.Williamson@townebankmortgage.com or call him at 910-262-2613.

Troy Williamson, Wilmington NC Mortgage Lender


Troy Williamson
6770 Parker Farm Drive
Suite 101
Wilmington, NC 28405