Wilmington NC Weather - Wilmington Weather Information

Ahh, the weather. It effects so much of our lives. How we dress, what we plan, our weekends, our activities, and so much more. One of the best parts of living in the Wilmington NC Real Estate area is the normally warm weather. With almost 9 months of beach friendly warm days, it's now wonder so many people choose to migrate from colder northern areas to this almost tropical part of the country. Without being stifling hot, yet warm enough for Palm Trees, the Wilmington NC Weather Averages keep most of us enjoying shorts and surf almost year round.

 Here's the average temperatures in Wilmington NC fahrenheit by month...

  • January: High 56 Low 36
  • Februrary: High 60 Low 38
  • March: High 66 Low 44
  • April: High 74 Low 52
  • May: 81 Low 60
  • June: High 87 Low 69
  • July: High 90 Low 73
  • August: High 88 Low 71
  • September: High 84 Low 66
  • October: High 76 Low 55
  • November: High 68 Low 45
  • December: High 59 Low 49

Here's some interesting Wilmington NC Weather Facts

  • July is the normally the average hottest month in Wilmington.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 104°F in 1952.
  • January is typically the coldest month, but you'll still see people enjoying a walk on Wilmington Beaches.
  • The coldest recorded temperature was 0°F in the year 1989.
  • Our raniest month is typically in September.