I'm hoping for clear skies tomorrow night during the Star Party at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, North Carolina. It sounds like it will be a great way to experience astronomy first hand.   

Date: Friday, April 5

Time: 7-10 PM

Location: Airlie Gardens (300 Airlie Road, Wilmington)

Here's the information supplied by the Cape Fear museum:

The Statewide Star Party is the official kickoff event to the  2013 North Carolina Science Festival. 

At this free event, visitors can:

  • Go on a laser-guided constellation tour
  • Get up close views of galaxies, nebulas, and more through telescopes
  • Bring your own viewing equipment and locate celestial objects
  • Meet local astronomers and educators and get celestial identification tips
  • Build your own planisphere and learn how to use it to locate stars and constellations

For more information, please visit the Cape Fear Museum site: