Many new developments in Wilmington (and around the state and country for that matter) have developed Home Owners Associations (HOAs) in order to maintain a desired community look and feel. While this type of control is considered "restrictive" for some, it's desireable and gives peace of mind to others. Some stigma has been attached to more restrictive HOAs, but all in all, they are meant to protect home owners from diminishing values and disruptions. One thing to keep in mind when you're in the throws of your home search is to prioritize your needs. If you need or want to park your RV in your driveway, you'll need to search for a home that has little to no restrictions regarding parking. That being said, you may buy into a neighborhood that has no HOA, therefore your neighbor may be able to collect cars in his/her front yard. If you would prefer to live in a neighborhood that restricts the number of cars one may have in or on their lot, therefore giving your neighborhood a more manicured feel, it might behoove you to rent a parking spot for your RV in a storage facility.

All in all - Figure out what it is that you want and need. And if you're looking at a newer home, chances are there will be HOA covenants that you must abide by in order to avoid fines or even foreclosure on your home. So, do your research if or when you learn that a home you're interested in purchasing has an HOA. Find out what you're able and not able to do. Because, once you sign those documents and close on your home, you are agreeing to abide by the covenants stated in your new home's HOA.

And don't forget... the grass must be no more than 4" tall! ; )