Military Cutoff Extension Information

In the near future, construction on the new Military Cutoff Extension is going to begin.  The NC Department of Transportation is improving the Highway 17 corridor that will include an extension of Military Cutoff Road at Market Street. This is part of the NC Strategic Highway Corridor Initiative  (click on the link to access maps and additional information on this initiative).

Military Cutoff Road Extension will extend Military Cutoff Road from Market Street to the US 17 Wilmington Bypass.  The US 17 Hampstead Bypass alternative begins in New Hanover County and will extend from the US 17 Wilmington Bypass and go past Sidbury Road in Pender County.

This is a major project, and there are hundreds of properties in this area that are going to be impacted by this highway growth and change.  This past Spring, local television networks and newspapers reported on how the extension was going to directly affect area residents and neighbors, and really encouraged people to do their research. 

If you are a current owner or potential buyer of a property in this geographic area and have any questions or may not be aware of how this is going to impact your property, feel free to contact us.  The Coastal Carolina Team is partnering with the well-respected legal team at Shipman & Wright Law Firm that will answer your questions related to this initiative.  Over the next few months, this will is their top priority to ensure every homeowner is fairly represented and that you have been provide with clear knowledge of how this is going to impact your property. 

We have access to a map and information on the project so if you are not sure whether this transportation initiative will impact your home or land, please contact us directly at 910-465-9135 and we can help you figure it out.  If necessary,  we can help arrange a personal meeting with a Shipman & Wright legal representative to help provide you with the service you deserve.  

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