Ever wonder what kind of house you can buy for about $250,000? I found this article in the New York Times that compares various properties around the country in this price range, and although the properties all have their own charms and features, they aren't oceanfront!  

Check out what you can buy in Carolina Beach for $250,000:


We've heard there's another furious snow storm looking to take out nearly two dozen midwestern states. With snow, ice and wind, February is a notoriously chill inducing month for the heartland. Wouldn't you rather be enjoying the sunshine of the Carolinas with mild averages of 60 degrees throughout February? Sure, we get our snow. An inch here or there. We build our snowmen. Then, we wake up the next morning and sip our coffee on the deck in the cool, but not cold morning air. :)   

Clients always ask us to find them a "great deal" and "the best value" for their money.  We say come to our beaches and check out the amazing things we have to offer in the Wilmington area.