University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) has been ranked number 17 in the Country by Forbes for best College Values.  There are four North Carolina colleges in the top 25 and seven in the top 50.  Forbes looked at tuition costs as well as an average total cost of all the fees paid in 2008 to the college by a student.  North Carolina Univerisity in Chapel Hill, which came in at number 13, was the only other school in North Carolina to rank higher than UNC Wilmington.

With tuition prices and the cost of college constantly on the rise, it is nice to know there are lots of greats choices right here in North Carolina.  Other schools in the top 50 include Appalachian State, UNC Asheville, NC State, East Carolina, and UNC Greensboro.  Schools with a graduation rate of less than 20% were not included in the study. 

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